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About Us

MAS Artwork is a husband and wife team (Craig Smith and Alyx Morgan), who like to travel and take interesting photos (Alyx and Craig), and turn some of those photos into pointillism (stippled) images (Craig).

Alyx had been given a camera as a teenager, but never really got bitten by the shutterbug until her mid-twenties when a family friend bought her a Kodak Advantix camera. By the fifth roll of film she was hooked.

Pretty soon, that camera was like another appendage. Alyx took it everywhere she traveled and shot hundreds of pictures. Over the years, she upgraded to a digital camera, which afforded her much more freedom to take lots of images without having to spend a ton of money on processing.

It quickly became apparent that the pictures Alyx enjoys taking the most are of regular things and places at unusual angles. While you will see famous buildings in her pictures posted here, they might not be in a way you’re used to seeing them. For her, the world is even more interesting when you look at it from a completely different vantage.

Craig has been an artist ever since he could hold a pencil in his hand. He’s tried many different forms of artistic expression: pen and ink illustration, oil painting, watercolors, marker, digital art, etc.

It wasn’t until college that Craig had his first foray into stippling (also known as pointillism). It was an assignment for a class of the Pulteney Bridge in Bath, England. A few years later, a trip to New York City introduced him to street venders who sold their artwork and collections from carts. It struck Craig that stippling would be the perfect medium to create collections of images to sell.

When Alyx and Craig got together in 2009, he looked at some of the photos she’d taken in the past, and thought they were perfectly suited for his pen and ink style. He started with the Leaning Tower of Pisa steps, and has been doing several a year ever since. Looking through Alyx’s photography for images to stipple has led Craig to become a better photographer himself, and you'll see many of his photos in our galleries, too.

We hope you enjoy our images. And be sure to check back regularly to see our latest additions.

Craig and Alyx
MAS Artwork